About Us

Support for who you are • Support for who you want to be


Lunns Hope Supported Living Services will serve the catchment areas overseen by Westside Regional Center (WRC), South Central Los Angeles Region Center (SCLARC) and Harbor Regional Center (HRC).

Lunns Hope Supported Living Services provides services for individuals provided we can meet their needs.

That determination is based on a comprehensive review of the individual and the needs and services they require. The review includes physical, cognitive, and psychosocial factors. The regional center service coordinator, agency director, the individual, and their support system will determine whether the request for services is the best available plan for that individual.

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Mission statement

The mission of Lunns Hope Corporation Supported Living Services (LHC-SLS) is to provide quality, community-based support for who you are and who you want to be. We are driven by our values and the unmatched service we provide to adults with developmental disabilities and complex medical needs in the greater Los Angeles area. Our aim is to coordinate the support they need to live safely in their own homes, while also assisting with making their communities accessible in order to aid them in developing connections so they are better able to choose the places they visit and with whom they spend their time.

By using structured, person-centered planning based on individual needs and skills and focusing on elements of health, safety, community involvement, and relationships, LHC-SLS will promote responsibility while providing skill development, training, and guidance within each person’s community. LHC-SLS will assist people on their personal journey toward creating and obtaining a fulfilling daily schedule that includes exercise, paid and/or volunteer work, opportunities to build relationships, safety, transportation, meal preparation, scheduling, and time management as well as specific goals for each individual based on their own desires and needs. Support for positive behavior, transition and end-of-life planning, assistive technology, and person-centered planning are at the root of the philosophy of LHC-SLS. Use of generic resources such as IHSS and medical services will be incorporated throughout the planning and implementation of individualized Supported Living Services (SLS).

Goals Of Services

The goal of LHC-SLS is not to “cure” individuals, but to increase their ability to handle their problems and life circumstances independently. We want to assist and support them in exercising their civil rights, finding medical care, and promoting self-confidence and self-esteem in the individuals we serve.

Other goals of the program include aiding each individual in reaching their fullest potential in the areas of meal preparation, routine household activities, locating and scheduling appropriate medical appointments, selecting and moving into a home, locating and choosing suitable roommates, acquiring household furniture, settling disputes with landlords, or other areas a patient and their support system deem necessary. Our trained professionals function as a team and make every effort to assist consumers in reaching their personal goals in the most natural environment possible.

Our Purpose

  • To listen to the people we support however they communicate.
  • To develop support packages based on what people tell us.
  • To find ways to give people the lives they want while staying healthy and safe.
  • To act in line with the support package to help people have the lives that they want.
  • To review our work to understand what is working and not working.
  • To ensure the people we support live the lives they choose
  • To guarantee that we all take responsibility as teams and as individuals for the quality of our work.
  • To give the people we support a voice
  • To be ambitious both for ourselves and our service, encouraging those we support to be ambitious as well